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Consumer Portal

Digitize your client’s experience with a computerized workout & diet plan. Your clients can simply book group classes & personal training sessions online with this gym management software.

Let the consumers choose everything they want during an extensive sign-up form on your website. The data is captured within the system and you can create a personalized bill in a matter of seconds.

Provide your customers the possibility to book their group classes, personal training or any other service that your gym provides through the website or the Android mobile APP.

The consumers can concentrate on their growth and produce more results and you can help them by presenting all of them the relevant information related to their workout plan, diet plan, body measurement, etc.

Engage More Clients

Consociate with more clients; show them that you care; build strong bonds with them, and retain them for good.

The Gymate gym software will never let you forget their birthdays or anniversaries ever again. It gives you a pop-up notification for their special days.

Send them a customized praising message to let them know how much you appreciate their presence in the gym.

The best promotion is only done by a happy and loyal client offer them discounts and incentives and run referral programs. They will be happy to spread the word about your business.


Sales and Marketing

Do not let any leads go unnoticed now. Get notified, do a timely follow-up, convert the leads into clients with our gym software.

Know what follow-ups you have to make up on a particular day through notifications. Send bulk SMS and emails to all the enquires/walk-ins.

Simply post offers and reminders with a few clicks, in bulk, through email and SMS. No need to follow up with a client for pending payments and renewals.

Sell supplements, attire, and other services such as massage, lockers, diet plans, etc.

Make Tiresome Jobs Easy and Fast

Our gym software shows up notifications on your dashboard related to various follow-ups (such as renewal, payment, inquiry, health check-up, birthday and anniversary of the clients).

Easy to use one-click reports of your choosing to get the data and information you need.

Multiple biometric support for employee attendance enrollment and member access control. Status of the members and employees.


Manage and Track Customers Workout & Diet

Manage your customer’s workout & diet chart with our gym software. Directly send them the workout plans and diet charts on the software APP on the phone.

Customize your client’s workouts and diet plans according to their progress.

Custom Branded Mobile Apps

Let us know what you need in your mobile app and we will happily add the features. Apps made are specially customized for your gym.

We will keep on updating features on the app so you won’t have to be stuck with the old version. You can tell us what features to add more and we will add it in the update.


Manage payments & generate bills

Track your client’s payment with our gym software and send them the customized bill on their APP. No need to run to them anymore to remind them about the payment.

Gymate gym software guarantees you the security of the data of your gym. We have all your data secured in a cloud that can’t be taken without our permission. Gymate gym software here to make your gym life easier.

Employee Payroll/Attendance and Tracking

Now no need to go through pen and paper to track your employee’s attendance. Just a simple entry in the biometrics system will all it take. Saving you from all the complicated paperwork.

Make changes in your employee’s payroll in the system and they will be updated in their APP.

Features Of Our Gym Software

Workout & Diet Plans

Building workout and diet plans are simple with our gym software’s drag and drop tools. Design your very own template and use it with any number of clients you would like. Your clients will see an equivalent on their mobile app.

Body Analysis

Let the client focus on their growth by entering BMI reports & body measurements. Display of contrastive analysis of the growth made by clients in the software as well as in the mobile app as soon as you enter any data.

Renewals & Payments popup

One of the many problems is remembering the expiry date of your client’s membership. Gymate software resolves this problem by showing you the alerts of renewals and pending payments on your dashboard.

Client Retention

Establish relations with your clients by sending automated messages through SMS or email on their birthdays & marriage anniversary. Also, track the members who are missing out on their training.

Biometric Integration

Integration with multiple biometric devices to record attendance and restrict entree to the clients whose membership is lapsed and allows you to grant access to other sections of the gym based on membership and employee role.

GST & Non-GST Billing

Gymate software enables you to get two sorts of bills tax and non-tax. Gymate software supports different types of billing like gym membership, group classes & personal training sessions.

Walk-ins & Marketing tools

Generate new promotional campaigns & send bulk SMS for all clients & inquiries. Enjoy total combination together with your website & mobile app. Get a notification on your dashboard to pursue potential clients & walk-ins on time; register each response within the software.


Gymate software is a one-stop destination for you to generate bills for supplements, clothes or any accessory. Our software automatically regulates the inflow and outflow of stock. Our POS for GYM / Fitness studio is equipped with a barcode scanner.

Unlimited Access

Form multiple packages, clients and user logins. No restrictions on the amount of data. You can generate a user login panel for all your employees separately, thus keeping a check on which employee has made which entry.

Support for Multiple Centers & Branches

When you are managing more than one branch or center, Gymate gym software is the perfect answer. Get a central dashboard where you will see vital stats of all the branches. Also, enable your clients to workout in any of your premises or branches. Thus connecting all your branches.

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